Hello love!

My name is ZoƩ.

This is my blog / online diary. I have tried and failed many time to keep actual diaries but this one seems to be sticking around. On this blog I'm going to be showing not only my daily outfits and makeup that I love, but also the fun places I travel to, the DIY projects I do, and some of the people I love to have around. 

I have been told by some friends that I don't take enough pictures, I'm hoping that this platform will force me to take more. I may not always show my face but I'm capturing other things like food. 
(it's a start okay?)

I'm not the best person with my words...I'm more of a talker (I could ramble on for hours if you let me), but I'm going to word things best I can on here and keep it real. 

Sound good?

"Shoot for the moon
Even if you miss, 
you'll land among the stars."

- - - 

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