What's in my Backpack!

Saturday, January 09, 2016

I know, I know it's a backpack obviously you carry books, notebooks, and pens/pencils. But I've been carrying a backpack....well pretty much all my life starting with this cute pink bear backpack I got when I was like 2. Anyways, during the school year, my backpack is something that I carry more than my purse so I try to keep a few key items in there at all times. 

  1. LAPTOP   |   This is more of a university thing, but I have seen the reason to carry your laptop to class every day in my last two years and I don't know how I didn't use my laptop more often before that. Having my laptop on me just makes life easier.
  2. PLANNER  / BULLET JOURNAL   |   So I have a planner and I have a bullet journal. I normally try and carry both of these but if my backpack is on the heavier side I'll just carry my planner since that's where I quickly jot things down. My bullet journal is just mapping out the things I aim to get done each day, and I can just check them off when complete. My life would be very chaotic without them. 
  3. PENCIL CASE   |   I need a place to keep my pens, pencils, highlights, etc. The downside of having one of these is people will see it, ask to borrow a pen and most times you never see it again. So carry with caution.
  4. DEODORANT   |   I can not tell you how many times I have been in a hurry (or not) and completely forgot to put deodorant on. You would think after years of having my morning routine I would remember this step - but no, I forget quite often and there's nothing cute about smelling. So I started carrying a travel size deodorant in my backpack at all times. Walking around campus, wearing a lot of layers, you are going to sweat. Having a deodorant in your backpack makes it so when you forget you can go to the bathroom between classes, quickly apply and go on about your day not paranoid about smelling. 
  5. PERFUME   |   Honestly I keep some in my backpack for many purposes but mainly to give myself that refresh. Smelling good is never a bad thing so I like to have it all covered.
  6. LOTION   |   Just one of the travel size lotions from Bath and Body Works is fine. 
  7. FIRST AID KIT   |    I am very accident prone, I'm constantly looking down at my hands and discovering that I have a new cut somewhere. Most times I don't know how they get there but I like to keep band-aids on me so I can clean up the cut and cover it ASAP.
  8. SNACKS   |   Food is necessary for many reasons, the main one being that you don't want to be that one person whose stomach is growling in lecture. Also good for days when you're on campus all day and don't have money on you to buy anything. I like to keep snacks that I won't mind getting crushed in my backpack like fruit snacks, chewy bars etc. Otherwise, I try to pack Tupperware containers with cereal or goldfish to eat during the day. 
  9. WATER BOTTLE   |   Water is good for you, drink it, have a bottle on you so you can refill it during the day and save yourself some money buying a drink on campus.
  10. MAKEUP   |   Okay for the longest time I didn't think I needed to carry makeup with me but I do. I keep a small pouch in my backpack carrying travel size / samples: mascara, lipstick, oil blotting sheet, and chapstick. I also carry a pair of earrings since I like to wear earrings no matter what. You never know what could happen during the day on campus and you may not have time to get home so I like to be prepared.  
  11. GUM   |   I feel I don't need to explain this one but it's good to have gum because bad breath isn't a cute thing either.
  12. PHONE CHARGER   |   My phone dies so fast whenever I have classes even when I try to stay off my phone unless necessary cause I'm trying to preserve my battery. I keep my Apple charger with the wall charger there for if I don't have my laptop.
  13. UMBRELLA   |    The weather can be unpredictable so in the front netting area on my backpack I keep an umbrella there.

There you have it, the things that I always try and keep in my backpack. 
Are there any things you try to keep in your backpack or tote?

[   My backpack is the Recon by North Face   ]

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  1. I love seeing posts like these since I don't know. I guess I like to see what things people carry around also. I used to carry a bag during my freshman year around campus, but I seen the light and switched over to a backpack. I have the Borealis by North Face and I love it. It was the best decision of my life. I'm the type of person that likes to have everything with them since one does not know when one might need it.

    So to answer your question of what I try to keep inside my backpack:

    Like you, I alway like to keep my planner, pencil case,umbrella, lotion, first aid kit, water bottle, gum, and phone charger inside my backpack.

    But I also carry around my wallet, I don't really need to take make up with me so I only carry around chapstick or a lipstick, hand sanitizer, my kindle ereader to read books on the train ride to school, my usb(a must have always for me), my external battery incase I need to charge my phone and dont have any place to charge it, bobby pins, my headphones, my bill box that has any medicines that I might need like allergies, headaches,etc. I think thats about it.

    I rarely bring my laptop to school only If i have a lot of homework to do.

    I don't bring my perfume with me since idk the ones that I put on are like long lasting, but after reading your post, I might start to bring a travel size one. I don't bring deodorant with me either but seeing as I'll be hitting my school's gym, I'll have to buy a travel size one. So travel size perfume and deodorant are going to be a must have for me.

    1. I'm a sucker for posts like this also so I really wanted to make one.

      I never thought about carrying my actual wallet around with me but I see the advantage in that too. I normally would just grab my card out and put it on my lanyard wallet thing. Portable chargers are good things to carry around and I may start bringing mine with me now that you bring that up.

      Laptops are on heavier side so carrying them everyday can be tiring. About the perfume I used to be the same way but I have so many small samples from Sephora and travel sizes of the PINK by Victoria's Secret perfumes that I started putting one in every bag I own. They come in handy.

      I'm glad this post helped you out!


  2. Yes to all of these!! :)

    XOXO, Ashley

    1. I'm glad you agree with my essentials!


  3. Yes, Xoiiee I have the same essentials and 1 extra plus my handy hand sanitizer.

  4. Everything a young lady that's active on campus might need in the backpack. Thank you for that update "what's in my backpack "

    1. I found these things to be really helpful over the past four years. Glad that you agree!


  5. I really love this post and will be adding some of these things to my backpack asap. This post came just in time for school starting up again.

    You mention you have a bullet journal, could you do a post on that?

    1. Oh I'm glad that some of these things will be added to your backpack! And thanks for the suggestion I'll work on a post asap! (;


  6. I just repackaged my backpack...thanks!