Saturday, August 06, 2016

The Urban Decay Naked palettes are some of the palettes that I hear people talk about all the time when they discuss the essentials of more high-end brands. I wanted to take a moment to give a full look at these palettes, what I love, what I hate and which one I regret buying.

* For the swatches I didn't put any primer on my arm just to give a true look at the colors straight from the palette. 

NAKED | $54 USD 

SHADES: Virgin | Sin | Naked | Sidecar | Buck | Half Baked | Smog | Darkhorse | Toasted | Hustle | Creep | Gunmetal 
PACKAGING: The packaging for this palette could definitely use an upgrade. This palette is held together by a magnet which makes it a pain when traveling because there's no sure way to make sure the palette stays closed and the shadows don't get messed up. The mirror is also rather small. Both of these things are improved on the other two palettes but it still would be great if the original could have the update too. 
WHAT I LOVE: This palette was made me for me I'm convinced. All of these colors are go to for me, if you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know, I'm a sucker for gold. Half Baked and Smog are my two favorites from this palette. I often will mix them together to have a deeper gold look. At this rate, I might have to buy the singles of those colors when I hit pan. This palette also caters to the days when I'm feeling something different but not too out of comfort by having Toasted which is another favorite of mine. 
WHAT I HATE: Like I said above the packaging here is not my favorite but I can look past that since I love the colors here so much. 

NAKED 2 | $54 USD 

SHADES: Foxy | Half Baked | Bootycall | Chopper | Tease | Snakebite | Suspect | Pistol | Verve | IDK | Busted | Blackout
PACKAGING: The packaging here is so much better because the palette now closes with a click. The mirror is also larger allowing you to get a good look at your makeup while applying. 
WHAT I LOVE: This palette caters to the shadow family range that I love but also shades that are lighter. Half Baked is a classic that is also in this palette like the Naked 1. Tease is a great transition shade and one of the only matte shades in the palette. Though I do love this palette I don't reach for it as much as I do the first Naked palette but I can make it work when I need to but I often mix these colors with others that I own. 
WHAT I HATE: There's nothing that I can full out say I hate, I just don't feel the excitement of making looks with this palette like I do with the Naked 1. (If you can't tell that palette is easily my favorite. ) I guess I feel that this palette is more random than the first one.

NAKED 3 | $54 USD

SHADES: Strange | Dust | Burnout | Limit | Buzz | Trick | Nooner | Liar  | Factory | Mugshot | Darkside | Blackheart
PACKAGING: This packaging is very similar to the Naked 2 which is a good thing. The rose gold color is just beautiful and the texture just adds personality to the palette that sets it apart from the other two. I love that it follows the vibe of the colors that are in the palette with more of a romantic feel. 
WHAT I LOVE: These colors are beautiful, a lot of rose, pink, and gold that allows you have bright and romantic looks and even a smokey look if you want to add the darker shades.
WHAT I HATE: Sigh, I really wish this palette was a favorite for me but it's not. I bought this more out of the hype of the palette than actually seeing what I like and will use. The shades are beautiful and sometimes I will reach for it for certain shades but overall this isn't an everyday palette for me. I hardly have used it since purchasing the first two palettes. If I'm truthful I probably should have returned it to Sephora after getting it because these colors aren't very me. Some of the single colors like Dust, Buzz, Trick, Nooner and Blackheart I would love to buy a single, but for what I paid I don't think I've gotten my money's worth. I'm going to try and use this palette more but I definitely regret giving into the hype and buying it. Though I must say getting this palette and having regrets has made me really look at makeup before purchasing and thinking if I'm buying it for myself or for the hype. 

Do you own these palettes? Have ones you love or hate? 

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  1. Hey, hey I ❤️❤️��♥️ NAKED palettes they are great

    1. I love these palettes also they're a great buy overall !!


  2. Thanks for that update on Naked eye palettes..always thought about how expensive but you have great reviews with pros & cons too. Thx Xooiie

    1. They are an investment but if you really think over which palette is for you then you will not regret dropping the money.


  3. Such a great review. The first palette is also my favourite but I absolutely hate the packaging too. Everything gets stuck to that damn felt & it looks sooo dirty & tacky. I’ve got the second one but I don’t think I’ve even opened it & I’ve had it for about a year haha I didn’t get the third one because I don’t really like rose golds & pinks that much. I think if you played around with it a bit you’d be able to come up with some amazing eye looks that would look so good on your skin tone.


    1. Yes, I'm so glad you understand!!! The first palette is love and just such a go to for me but that packaging, sigh. It definitely does get dirty a lot which is annoying. I definitely try and make the 3 work for me and sometimes I really love the looks I make.


  4. The 1st palette is definitely my favourite but I just hate the packaging like you - it always looks so grimey which I hate for an high end palette xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie