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Monday, March 21, 2016

This year I wanted to be more organized and these are five of the main things that I do to keep up with what I need to do day to day.


Every week I get out my index cards and I make a chart of all of the things in my routine for that week. Sometimes I forget important steps so having this list on my bathroom mirror ensures that I see what I need to do and get it done. The index cards allow me to change up what I do from week to week like if I'm trying out a product.

Of course, you can use index cards to make any kind of list you may need at the moment. When I was studying for finals I used them to make sure I studied for each class for at least an hour each day. It's simple and doesn't have to be fancy.

What you need:
  • index cards
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • markers

I like to write things down in multiple places to make sure that I remember what needs to be done. When I stop keeping up with my planner / bullet journal system I find myself forgetting assignments or things that I need to get done so they are necessary.

Planner ↠ I own the Lilly Pulitzer large spiral Tusk In Sun agenda, I bought mine from Barnes & Noble. This planner is pretty standard. You have a pocket in the front, stickers, full monthly view calendars from Aug. 2015-Dec. 2016, important dates, travel plans, addresses. Then you have each  month view and then the weekly layout. I really like this planner and I have wanted one of these Lilly Pulitzer agendas for a very long time. Though I will be honest the spirals are not made for backpacks, they get deformed and caught on everything. I find myself having to fix them a lot which makes taking this to school each day a pain.

The strings you see coming from the top of the planner are from this paper clip that I use as a page mark and just added some fun string to get it a look. I added some glue to make sure that the string stays in place. I think it's cute.

Bullet Journal ↠ I started using a bullet journal during my summer term class last year and I wish I would have seen these things a lot sooner. I would definitely say that a bullet journal can be used by anyone. They seem like a lot at first but trust me they aren't that bad, simply they're checklists. You make one for each day and have a lot of freedom with the layout and content. 

For my most recent layout, I look at everything for the week instead of using a new page for each day writing the same things over and over. 
Key parts
  • Deadlines: everything that I have due that week from assignments, exams, quizzes, or information I need to have done for a project
  • Calendar: having this monthly view is rather helpful to get a look at what days are coming up and see the reality of how close deadlines are
  • Water: keeping track of my water intake is a big thing. I want to drink more water so seeing the days I was slacking and turned to juice, etc. instead is nice. 
  • To-Do lists: for the list I show here it's for everything I need to get done before I went home that weekend. I also use these lists to put down food I need to eat before they expire, things I need to print off, cleaning that needs to be done, etc.
  • Reading: a big part of college is reading so I lay out what needs to be read and break it up into smaller sections to make completely the reading more manageable. 
  • Next Week: Knowing what I should be looking out for the coming week really helps. Bullet journals go one page at a time so you can't see what is coming like you can with a planner. I carry my journal around a lot so having a place to see future deadlines is important.
There are many ways to set up your bullet journal and the fact that they are 'one page at a time' you have the freedom to try out new layouts each week or day. I love the freedom that comes with that and the fact that it allows my creativity to come out. You can also form different pages to track important days, book reading logs, expenses, etc. 

Some of the places I looked when I started my journal: 


I am a fan of using binders to stay organized, everything in on place and I don't have to worry about forgetting something at home, it's all in my binder.

  • I have these pocket binder dividers and use them to hold my syllabi for classes in the front pocket and the calendars for my classes on the other side. That method is insanely helpful and has worked for me since freshman year. I can stay ahead on assignments and readings and the professors' contact information and other information for the class.
  • The folders work perfectly for me this semester since I can use one folder for the two classes that I have each day. I can keep handouts from each class in a different pocket. 
  • I even stay organized with my blog by keeping calendar print outs in the front. I can write down ideas I have and see how often I'm posting and more. 


Having a whiteboard by my door really helps me in the morning before I leave. I can leave notes for things I have to do and it's the last thing that I'll see before I leave. So if I have to take my car keys with me to class because I plan to run to the store after, I can write "Remember to take your keys" as a nice reminder.


I recently started using this extension after being a long time user of the Momentum extension. The extensions are for your browser (from what I know they're only available for Chrome) and they will be seen when you open your bowser/a new tab. I love the lanes app because it combines 3 elements.

  1. The dash screen as shown above with the clock, greeting and task. Each time you open a new tab wanting more reason to procrastinate you are reminded of what needs to be done and the time. Also comes in handy when you forget about something that needs to be done.
  2. Weeklyview. You can lay out everything you want to get done each day on the weekly calendar that covers up to 4 weeks at a time. You can even color code the tabs though the color selection isn't large for that. These tasks will be what show up on the dash as they need to be completed. 
  3. Pomporo. This is also a mobile app that you use to complete different tasks. You put in the time you want to work, and the timer will go off when you complete it. Since I'm on my computer so much this is helpful.

I am not the most organized person but these are some of the ways that I have succeeded in staying organized. I hope some of these ideas will help you in the future.

What are ways you stay organized?

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  1. Great post. I’m always so excited when I stumble upon organization posts because I definitely need more in my life haha Thanks for sharing your tips. I’m going to have to take note of them!


    1. I love organization posts too! I usually get bored with the way I organize and try and change things up to see if I find something that works even better for me. I'm glad you enjoyed this!!


  2. Excellent suggestion for organization. I love to put everything in my daily planner and I use lots of post it notes too....I must consider using index cards more. Hey thanks Xoiie this was very helpful.

    1. I love post-its I buy too many of them but but they really are great to jot down quick notes.


  3. I love all the ways you are using to be and to become more organized daily. Now, I merely use weekly planner and my phone schedule to keep organized and remain on task. I like several ideas you suggest such as the white board, lanes extension, post it, index card are all great. This was very helpful thx, Xoiie

    1. Using my phone is something I always try and do but I can never keep up with it funny enough. One of these days I'll find a way to make it work. Glad you liked the ideas that I suggested.