Simple Micellar Water | Review

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Since the micellar water craze is in full effect I've been looking around at some of the popular ones. There are reviews out there on other cleansing waters on YouTube and other blogs and I finally gave into the trend since the results seemed good. Recently I bought the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water and as a loyal user of the Simple face wipes, I thought it would be best for me to stick to the brand. I do have acne prone and sensitive skin so changing my routine can cause drastic breakouts on my skin right away. That is something I want to avoid at all coast.

- The Good -
  • Using the water is simple, you just need to buy some cotton rounds and you're ready to go. 
  • After every use my skin really feels so hydrated and stays that way for hours after cleansing.
  • There's no scent to the water that could potentially make your skin react. 
- The Bad - 
  • Can't take off waterproof makeup. If you are wearing anything waterproof you're going to need a different remover to get that off. The Simple water doesn't lift it at all even if you let the cotton round sit on your eye for a few seconds, nothing works. 
  • You have to use a lot of product to get your makeup off. I think for my everyday makeup to really get the makeup off I need at least 3 cotton rounds and even then there's still some left on my face. This is time-consuming. 
  • If you get the product in your eye...good luck. The water is rather...strong and burns for a while. My eye makeup remover doesn't irritate my eye as much as the Simple water does. 

I like this product but it works better as the last step cleanser in my nightly routine. Taking off makeup is already a chore so I don't need my routine to be any longer than it is. I've gone back to using my face wipes again since those get the job done in less time. This is such a hydrating product and it makes my skin feel amazing so I will continue to use it.

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  1. Hey Xoiie thanks for that product update/review. Since I only use olive oil at this time to remove (heavy) makeup but I have considered looking for a water base cleanser too...I may reconsider that thought. Although, I love the other product you have suggested in the past I think I will skip "Simple micellar water" and stick with my "olive oil"

    1. I've never tried olive oil to remove makeup before, always wipes but that seems like a rather natural way to do it. I may have to look into that.


  2. Sounds interesting. I use the Simple makeup remover & the makeup remover wipes & they always burn my eyes but they do remove makeup. Maybe this water would be good for after using the makeup remover?


    1. I often use the wipes and they never burned my least not as much as the water did. I've started using the water after using the wipes so I think it does work better when you use another remover beforehand. I do like Simple products this just didn't wow me as much as I expected it to. "/

  3. Hey Xoiiee..thanks for the review it was helpful