Nails: Bodyache by Purity Ring

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I haven't done something fun with my nails in a long time. I tend to favor my nails when they're longer but these don't look too bad. The nail polishes that I used are both from Forever 21. That also means that they likely aren't available anymore since I got them years ago. 

On my ring and pointer finger there are little jewels sitting center being held on by a prayer and nail glue, haha. The silver on the middle fingers is actually this design tape stuff I got in a kit for my birthday from Amazon. Getting the tape perfect on the left hand was really hard, trust me. 

 Also, my song obsession right now is actually an older song, Bodyache by Purity Ring. I don't actually remember how I came across this song...but, it's so good and easy to listen to. I like the beginning of the song since it just has this mystical start to it, lovely. 

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