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Friday, January 22, 2016

[01.21.26] - There are so many perks to having afternoon classes, the main one is the fact that I can sleep in.

There's a story to this sweater that I'm wearing and it's a short one. I bought this sweater the day after Christmas. I didn't want it. I didn't intend to buy it. I got home and it was in my pile of clothes and I didn't realize until I was packing to come back to University. So now I have this sweater. The end. 

Looking at the sweater again, I think it's a good buy. There are a few ways I can think of to wear this so it'll come in handy later. The sweater has a V-neck which is different from most of the sweaters that I own. This isn't a sweater to wear if you're trying to be warm, though. I really should have brought a jacket or something since I was cold in both of my classes. My poor boots, they look so worn out in this picture. That means I'm getting my money worth out of them right? 

Today was a forehead day. I wasn't planning to have my forehead out it just happened. I used to be self-conscious about my forehead since I think it's really big but I realized you have to accept some things as they are. This is day three with the liquid eyeliner and I'm starting to get the hang of it! I got the line pretty straight today. The only downside to liquid is I can't apply it and go like I would with my loved MAC eyeliner pod. The advantage is that it does stay on all day and doesn't fade in color. I'm going to keep trying with it, I will succeed. 

Oh, I really love this scarf. I don't wear it enough and something told me to wear it today. I love how it just made my outfit a tad more fun and...more me. 

Sweater ( Macy's ; similar look here )
Jeans ( Urban Outfitter's )
Boots ( Franco Sarto ; similar look here )
Scarf ( Charlotte Russe )
Earrings ( Forever 21 ; similar look here )

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  1. We simply love love your outfits. I love the cold weather when I can really sport my sweaters & boots.

    1. Cold weather comes with some great cozy looks and a lot of options, one advantage to the temperature dropping.

  2. Your look #3 is so me...since I love to wear cable knot sweater type with dark jeans with riding boots. You know you got a point about being warm in that stylish sweater you must layer x2. Cool, love your look.

    1. Yes you definitely need layers for this type of sweater! I know better for the next time I wear it.

  3. Love sweaters and what you have shared

    1. I love sweaters too! I could use a few more in my wardrobe honestly.