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Saturday, January 30, 2016

→  CASES  

I am beyond my days of having enough phone cases to allow me to switch them every day for two weeks.  Now I keep my collection to a minimum. These are my 5 cases. 

(a) I bought this at a Ross store but I don't know the brand.
(b) Purple Tech21  |  I love these cases and I've had one on every phone since my 4s.
(c) Gold Karat Case-Mate  |  This case is really pretty and I normally put it on my phone if I'm going somewhere special or during the holidays. I really love how this case looks with my phone since it's gold also. There isn't much protection with this case which is a downside. 
(d) Commuter OtterBox  |  I love this case a lot compared to my other OtterBox. This case is very lightweight and thin. The downside is that the back circle doesn't have a clear screen like the original cases. This means that a lot of dirt will build up here so I have to clean the phone a lot.
(e) Defender OtterBox  |  This was the first case I got when I upgraded my phone. I don't like that this case is so bulky but it does a good job protecting the phone.


(a) My lock screen is currently just a standard Apple provided wallpaper. I was feeling something a little darker and wasn't able to find anything to my liking. I don't often use the Apple wallpapers but I saw this one and just had to use it. I think it's rather cool.
(b) My home screen is a picture I took from the plane when I was headed home from vegas. I always try and get shots like these from the plane. 

I recently rearranged my apps so that they would all be displayed on one page. I found this easier than having them spread out on various pages. I can see everything that I have and notice apps that I need and ones that can be deleted to clear up space. 

→  ROW 1  

(a) Calendar  |  This app has always been in this position. I like having the date right there in its own corner.
(b) Mail  |  I know that there may be better apps out there to handle mail but Apple insists that these apps should be on my phone so I will use them. I know I don't mark my mail as read. I usually don't clear it out until someone bugs me, or I reach 1,000. I do look at the emails I just don't open them unless they are important. (It's mainly emails from stores)
(c-d) Photos & Camera  |  Pretty self-explanatory.

→  ROW 2  

▻  Folder 1

As the title of this folder points out, it's pretty much all the apps that I have never opened that Apple makes us have on the iPhone. All of them just stuffed in there.

▻  Folder 2 | Navigation ~ Contrary to the folders title, this folder isn't about navigation. It was only given that title since Maps was the first thing I put there and I never changed it.

(i) Maps  |  My go-to place to look when I need to figure out where I'm going or the closest ______ that I want to visit.
(ii) App Store  |  I do go in here from time to time to look for new apps and for updates.
(iii) Settings  |  Connect to wifi, save battery, etc.
(iv) Notes  |  For the things I need to put down fast, like songs I've heard, lists, ideas for this blog, etc.
(v)  P.Tracker  |  This is my period tracker, it has a nice, clear design.
(vi) Weather  |  Though this app isn't accurate a lot of the time I keep it around.
(vii) Clock  |  To set my alarms, and have a timer for naps. Things like that.
(viii) Bible  |  I'm trying to read the whole bible and this app is helping me.

- - - - -

(c) Cartwheel  |  This is the Target app that I use all the time since Target is my weakness! It's really great to have if you love shopping at Target. There are a lot of deals and achievements that keep things fun. You can also connect with Facebook and see what your friends are saving on.
(d) We❤It  |  This app has a bunch of pictures on it and I usually find wallpapers here. That's all I use it for. Every time I delete it I find myself redownloading it for something. So here it stays.

→  ROW 3  

▻  Folder  |  Social ~ All of my social media apps are found here!

(i) Facebook  |  Anyone who knows me, knows I don't use Facebook. I keep it around for my pictures,  communicate with people I know who don't have my phone number, and...that's about it. I have deleted this app so many times but I always find that when I delete it people decide to send out invites to something or tag me in something. One day I'll just delete the app and never look back.
(ii) LinkedIn  |  I got this for one of my marketing classes so it's there for connecting purposes and it's good to have.
(iii) Pinterest  |  I like to go on here when I'm bored in class. I find a lot of cool things on here like DIYs and Halloween costumes. It's freaking addicting.
(iv) Instagram  |  For posting pictures and stalking celebrities. Follow my account for this blog, it's updated with ootd, random posts, and content from the blog.
(v) Twitter  |  I don't really use this either...
(vi) Snapchat  |  I don't use this either...I deleted it once and then my friends yelled at me for not checking it. I still get yelled at since I don't look at stories.
(vii) News  |  I look at this in between classes. It's actually nice since all of the articles about things I'm interested in are all right here.
(viii) Tumblr  |  I've had many Tumblr accounts. I forget passwords a lot. You can follow my Tumblr for this blog through the link on the sidebar.
(ix) Line  |  This is a chat app that I use to talk to some of my friends. They have cool stickers and layouts that are nice in conversations.

- - - - -

(b) YouTube  |  Obviously to watch YouTube videos. Over winter break, I bought a new BluRay player and they have a feature where you can control YouTube from your phone when watching on TV.
(c) 1010!  |  This app is so addicting yet frustrating at the same time! Get it!
(d) Spotify  |  I listen to music on here but I prefer the desktop version over the mobile app. My account is eozhutch if you want to see what I'm listening to.

→  ROW 4  

(a) Layout  |  Layout is an app through Instagram to make layouts of your pictures. 
(b) Tadaa  |  This is a photo editing app that I really like.
(c) Pic Stich  | Another layout app for your pictures. I like this one since it gives me more freedom than the Layout app. 
(d) VSCO  |  This is another photo editing app that I just started using. I haven't gotten the hang of it entirely but I really like the filters that this app has like F2 and T1. 

→  ROW 5  

(a) Sworkit  |  This is a workout app that has short 5-minute workouts and stretches for you to do.
(b) My Fitness Pal  |  Keeping track of my food intake here.
(c) FocusNow  |  A great app for when you're studying or have something you need to focus on. It locks your phone so you can't use it during the duration of time you set. If you do then the plant in the app will die.

→  MY MAINS  ←

(a) Phone  |  So I can call my mother and she can call me.
(b) Music  |  I'm a total iTunes person, I love it, I don't get why people seem to hate it so much.
(c) Messages  |  To text people
(d) Safari  |  For everything else I need that the other apps I have can't compete with.

So there it is, everything that is on my phone and all the apps that I use.

What cases and apps do you use?

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  1. I use otter box iPhone cover..that's the best for my busy life and I use pretty much the same apps except I do not have any tv apps.

  2. I have a lot of apps too, I really love using music, shopping apps most entertaining ones. at this time I have a VS cover for my phone although it offers little protection I really like so..I have that for now but i like you suggestion that otter box sound very secure/protective i may check that one out. Thanks Xoiiee