You Make Me Feel Like A Dangerous Woman

Sunday, April 10, 2016

[ 4.4 - 4.7.2016 ] - This week was a lot better for me, I actually managed to get a picture on Monday and have a full week! I'm proud of myself for sure. I even added more bright colors this week even though the weather around here doesn't feel like spring. 


I wasn't planning on wearing this shirt but I wanted to actually put some thought into my outfit on Monday for once. So in the rush of the moment, I realized it was Monday and that I hadn't worn this shirt in a while so I made it work. Though I should have thought more about wearing my Flights since they cut up my ankles so much when I was walking to and from class. *tear

Plaid shirt ( Fleet Farm ; similar look here )
I Hate Mondays Shirt ( Wet Seal ; similar look here )
Jordan SC-3 ( Finish Line ; similar looks here )


I went back and forth on wearing my jeans rolled up or leaving them at the ankle. I think it looked good either way. This outfit was the right pop of color and I actually had a good day, I think it was thanks to the color it brightened my mood. 

Coral Cardigan ( Target ; similar look here )
White Tee
Light Wash Jeans
Floral Infinity Scarf (Charlotte Russe ; similar look here )


Love Pink Crew Neck ( PINK Victoria's Secret )


I love bright items in my wardrobe and this Columbia is one of my favorites. I mean yes, it's just a fleece jacket but I think it looks good dressed up a bit. 

Columbia Fleece Jacket ( Columbia Sportswear )
Lace Tank Top 
Dark Wash Jeans

And that's my week! 
If you want to see what I'm wearing faster 
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Title Song: Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande

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  1. your week selections that pop of color brightens my days too. Check out..this is "Spring 2016" lets hope "Summer 2016" will be opposite~ uwho.

    1. Cute the idea of adding just a pop of color to change the days mood. We got "Spring" on the brain. LoL, wink,wink

  2. Very cool. Spring is just around the corner...believe

  3. loving your spring thought for fashion ideas!!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Ahh, the thought of spring it is so refreshing...