Spring Break 2016 in New York!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Day 1: Red Eye to New York / Check-in @ Soho Garden Hotel / Check out the shops on Broadway

I have waited for spring break for so long and I'm excited to be going to New York! I haven't been since I was in middle school and I don't remember much from that trip. 

Please enjoy my plane photos, they're tradition. 

I really wish that I took more pictures on this trip even though I felt like I was taking so many. Anyways, we arrived at La Guardia and quickly made our way to collect our luggage and get to our van service and to our hotel. We stayed at the Soho Garden Hotel in Chinatown and this hotel was actually rather cute. I felt like we were right where we wanted to be, next to the Subway, close to the shops, and near one of the pick up stops for our Hop On, Hop Off tour bus. It was all so convenient.

We went to a lot of cool stores like Shoo, Muji, Victoria's Secret, and more. We went to this other cool shop that I have pictures from below. I did pick up a few things from there but I'll show it all in a haul post that I will have later. 

DAY 2: Times Square / Explore / Night Bus Tour

Our first trip on the subway was...interesting and took a bit to kick off but we got it! Shockingly even though I had no idea what I was doing people were coming up to me asking if they were on the right line to get to Times Square. Do I look like I'm from New York? That's a compliment in my book. Because of construction we had to get off a few blocks shy of Times Square but that's okay we got to see Bryant Park and much to my mother's excitement the SoulCycle location nearby. She desperately tried to get my to sign up for a class but I was in no way prepared mentally or physically for what they (my mom and the workers) were trying to convince me on. So on we went. 

We made it to Times Square and just walked around going to the different shops. There was this Sanrio store that I just wanted everything from, I am a Hello Kitty girl since birth, but I only got a pen. haha. From there we went to Forever21, H&M, and the Disney Store which had the most awesome ceiling for their escalators and one of the only bathrooms I could find in a 5 block radius.

Somehow the time passed quickly while we were exploring the tourist attractor that is Times Square. Okay, I am lying I totally know where all our time went, it went to the 50-minute wait for the dressing room in Forever21. The store has four floors and yet only one of the dressing rooms was open, sigh.

Anyways, before we knew it, it was time for our night tour through Gray Line New York.

I may be all smiles in the above picture but it was really cold so I didn't really feel up to taking pictures as I wasn't properly dressed for the sudden change in temperature. I also didn't enjoy our tour  guide, he would point out buildings after we had already passed them and just didn't seem to want to be there. So, I just took pictures of what I could.

The tour was nice in the end since we got to see more of New York but the bed in the hotel was calling me so we ended our night after this and prepared for the next day. 

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  1. Beautiful city !!


  2. "XOIIEE.... I LOVE NEW YORK!!!"

  3. OH MY, looks like you hit the ground running. Love, love NYC at night the skyline is awesome...I love thanks for sharing/posting!