I Wanna Dance with Somebody

Friday, February 19, 2016

[02.18.16] - I love Thursday. Getting through Thursday means the weekend is finally here!! This week has been rather busy for me and I have a lot of things to get done this weekend. Oh school, how you take up so much of my time. 

Today I was staring at my closet and saw this navy blue cardigan that I believe I've only worn once. It's not that I don't like the cardigan it's just I can't always find tops that look good with it. Well, my eyes landed on this mandala printed top that I got at Ross's in Vegas. I was worried that maybe the shirts wouldn't look good together but the blue matched so well that it looks good.  I just love when an outfit comes together as well as it looks in my head. 

The earrings I'm wearing I kind of just stuck with because I wasn't sure if I hated the look. I think they look alright,  I haven't worn them in a long time and the more I look the more I rather like them. Sometimes wearing an item that you haven't touched in a long time makes it feel like it's shiny and new. My lipstick is the 304 - Mocha by N.Y.C and literally was was so cheap. I wasn't expecting to like the subtle darker nude color. 

Navy Blue Cardigan [ Forever21 ; similar look here ]
Mandala print top [ Ross ; similar look here ]
Light Wash Jeans
Boots [ Franco Sarto ; similar look here ]
Earrings [ similar look here ]

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  1. I love love this layback kinda bohemian look...as I notice you look as if you have mastered that liquid eyeliner skill. Thanks Xoiiee

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  3. Love it where can I buy that gold eyeshadow that you are wearing.

  4. I know what you mean when it's time whip an outfit together...looking cute. I like��

  5. You look great dear!