Saturday, February 13, 2016

This month I didn't have many new things that I was trying or any products that I was using every day so this list may be short but still these are my favorites from January 2016!!


I am going to use this time to write about my new found love for Morphe brushes. I don't know why I never looked into these brushes before. So many of the beauty gurus on YoutTube rave about these things but I never even bothered. Well, I have seen the light and it is so freaking bright. Over Christmas, I got some and the one that I have to talk about is the M439 this brush has changed my life. I apply my foundation with this brush and I feel like I use less product and still get great coverage. It's so beautiful and easy to use! Even better than that it's only $13.99!!

For Christmas I finally, FINALLY purchased the Naked palette and this is my favorite of the three hands down. I love all the colors since they're all in the colors that I am attracted to most! Of course getting this palette was a lot of work since it was constantly sold out but I managed to get it and I haven't been able to use any other eyeshadow since.


I got a sample from Sephora for the Glam Glow THIRSTYCLEANSE Daily Hydrating Cleanser and I decided to give it a test run until I run out. I've been using this for a while now and I think my skin definitely looks brighter when I use this. It says that it can be applied daily but I figured that would be harsh on my skin so I apply it every other day and I'm seeing good results. I also love the scent. I am thinking of buying a larger version once I run out of my sample.

While at Bath & Body Works I discovered this lotion Guava Pineapple Splash and I wish this wasn't the only one I could find because I honestly would have bought 5 or more. I love the scent so much and I haven't been in love with a smell in a long time from there. Normally I stick to lotions that don't have a scent but this one has become just a part of my routine. I constantly look for reasons to apply more. 


I wear these snow boots so much and if you've seen my Instagram posts of my outfits you would know this is the truth. They are so comfy and very cute. I got them on sale at Target and thought they were the closest dupe of the Sperry Duck Boot that I could find and got them. 


This month the stand out movies that I watched for the first time were Home, Megamind and Forrest Gump. 
Home is an animated picture about this Boov alien whose Boov population all decide to make Earth their new home. Chaos goes on from there since Oh seems to have trouble follow him and Tip the human girl he meets by chance when running from the Boov police just wants to find her mom. That's a horrible summary but I don't want to give away the full story! You need to check it out for yourself but I honestly was shocked by how much this movie just had me totally invested in the storyline. I planned on putting it on so I could take a nap but ended up staying awake for the whole thing.
Megamind had my heart literally from the beginning when Megamind is giving the background story of his childhood. I just was rooting for him from the beginning! I seriously didn't think this movie would even have a good storyline but it does! I just need to buy this movie so I can watch it over and over. It made me laugh because Megamind is just silly and awkward but really made me feel for him since he just wanted to be loved and accepted. 
Forrest Gump is a classic that I haven't seen. So one day I was right on time and actually caught the movie as it was starting and I decided the time has come for me to watch Forrest Gump. It was great and I get the hype of the movie now and why Tom Hanks won so many awards for it. 


This time, around I'm going to talk about The 100 I rewatched the show over this month in preparation for the 3rd season. The show is definitely an acquired taste but it has the action, romance, violence...death. Characters that you will love and those that you will just hate with a passion. Or maybe I just hate them at that level. There are a lot of characters to love though and the story just keeps getting more interesting.

- FOOD - 

I feel like I have seen the light with a lot of things this month and Boom Chicka Pop is another one. I love this popcorn it's the perfect treat and it's a healthier option but still has all the flavor. This popcorn understands my sweet tooth so well I can't even express how pleased I was when I finally bought a bag (Caramel & Cheddar) and ended up loving it. Unfortunately, they don't sell this at the stores by my school but when I go home next I will be bringing back a stock of them. 

I have a candle that I love and it is called Ohau Coconut Sunset I burned this the whole time I was home and even went back to Bath and Body Works to buy two more. The scent is so fresh and it reminds me of summer. It's so cold on campus that I haven't been in the mood to burn the one I brought with me but trust me as soon as the snow melts I will be burning this. The packaging is also adorable so I'll likely keep the container once I finish the candle.

[ For my music favorites, you can check out my Music Monday post! ]

What were some of your favorite things to use in January?

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  1. Thanks for the update. My favorite favs to use in January are as follows:
    Skin treatment ~ Vitamin C facial radiance,skin boost,microdermabrasion (The Body Shop)
    Skin therapy oil (Palmer's)
    *Lotion, bath,etc~ Peach body butter, scrub(The Body Shop)
    *Airborne~immune boost (Mixed Berry)
    *Makeup~ Bareminerals
    *Lip rogue ~Nars
    *Nail treatment ~Sally Hanson/ Miracle gel
    *Fragrance ~ any Tory Birch
    *Candle~ Lemonmint (the Bath&Body works home)
    *Snack~ goodies gourmet popcorn
    *Food~Wendy's Spicy pecan chicken salad
    *Winter Gear~ Northface coat, Northface boots,faux fur gloves
    *Movie ~Love actually
    *Music~ Adel

    All my January favs

  2. The post is fantastic! I love it:)
    Have a nice day!