Hoover Dam & Tillman Memorial Bridge

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This is the long day, we were on a bus for well over 7 hours and I honestly was so thankful to get back to the hotel after it all...but that's later there's a lot of pictures to show. This was such a nice day to have this type of tour, the sun was just so bright and the sky so clear, it made for amazing pictures. This is the Hoover Dam! I don't remember all the facts we heard from our tour guide but I do know that that light area on the mountains? Yea, that is where the water level used to be. So the dam has lost a lot of water over the years. I found that fascinating and seeing it in person is just...wow all of that water is gone. 

This is the Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.

Now more pictures, we didn't stay at this stop very long so most of the pictures are from the bus which ... yea that's lame but it has to do. The Dam was honestly so cool to look at and see all the parts that went into putting it together and the stories around the Dam. 

And me. :D

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  1. Thank you Xoiiee for sharing your pictures and narrative. Love, love