OOTD: Monday // November 23

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I for one can't wait to get home and see my mom. School is stressful, living situations are stressful. I am in need of a break even though it'll be a short one.

Anyways it snowed, *eye roll emoji* I thought we would at least make it until after finals but of course someone up there hates me. (I personally blame it on all the people putting up Christmas trees and listening to Christmas music so early. Like simmer down.) The downside of it being so cold is I'm one of those people who cries like a baby when there's cold air so my eye liner got messed up from my tears on the walk to class. I looked like I forgot to add a wing to one eye, haha.

So I had to pull out the winter coat and my favorite Christmas gift from last year; this insanely warm  cardigan from Ann Taylor. Once again my shirt is from Old Navy and I think it's the cutest thing, the price I paid for it was even cuter ( 74 cents ). See, simple cute is always my goal you just need to have the right items in your wardrobe.
This is probably the most dressed up I'll be all week. 

Cardigan ( Ann Taylor ; similar look here )
Shirt ( Old Navy ; similar looks here and here )
Jeans ( Target )
Boots ( Clarks )
Necklace ( Walmart ; similar look here )
Earrings ( Kohl's ; similar look here )
Rings ( Charlotte Rousse ; similar look here )

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