OOTD: Monday // November 9

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

So, today I thought it would be brilliant to stay in bed until 9, and continued to think I would make it to class on time. Well yea that didn't happen. I rolled up my hair Sunday night - a detail that slipped my mind - so that was about 4 minutes that was taken up right there. Then I have to tame the mane so that's another 2 minutes...you get the point. In the end I was only 6 minutes late for my 9:30 class which isn't bad in my book, not at all. (Or so I tell myself so I feel better about the situation) I need to either get a new alarm or...sleep earlier?

Time to gush about my basic ass outfit. Denim shit, white tee, leggings, and my brown boots, totally ready for fall weather. I only had a few minutes to whip together an outfit okay. The bathroom mirror selfies haven't really been my thing since high school but I don't have people to take pictures of my outfits so...this has to do. It's awkward cause I don't know if I should smile or not...

Either way this outfit obviously was pulled together with the sole purpose of giving me a reason to wear this blanket scarf that I am absolutely in LOVE with. 

Denim Shirt ( Target ; similar looks here )
White Tee ( Old Navy )
Leggings ( PINK Victoria's Secret )
Boots ( Franco Sarto ; similar look here )
Scarf ( Forever 21 )

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  1. love the boots and the scarf looks so warm