Saturday, November 21, 2015

For the first time in my college life I was invited to a sorority formal and I was so excited to go. No, I'm not in a sorority - though some people have assumed that I was in one before - but I was invited by a friend who had an extra ticket and I figured, why not? 

Of course I stressed over what to wear to this thing since it's homecoming attire...and I didn't pack any of my past homecoming dresses when I came to school this year. Thankfully I did pack my coral dress that I wore in Vegas cause, it worked out perfectly for the occasion.

I don't get many opportunities to dress up all pretty anymore so I enjoyed the getting ready process a little too much considering it wasn't my formal. My hair has a french braid on either side of my head and all the hair pulled back into a side ponytail. I wore my favorite studded gold headband and left my bangs out since my forehead just wasn't meant to be all out this night. The jewelry was simple, I just wore my hexagon hoop earrings and some cute stacking rings that I've had forever. 

The shoes are one of the few pairs of heels that I own and their from the J.Lo collection at Kohl's I think I got these two years ago. Since I knew that I wasn't going to keep these on all night I also brought along these tan sandals that I got in Vegas to keep with the same theme. 

The bag is from Jessica Simpson's line and I can't remember where or when I bought this but I wear it whenever I can. It's small yet looks good as a crossbody on me and goes with a lot of my outfits giving it a pop which I like. Since I don't live in Arizona I had to have a jacket of some sorts so I went with my vintage denim jacket that I've had since 4th grade. (That constitutes as vintage right?)

The formal itself was a lot of fun but had a slow start. We had to wait to be seated and then fed and then sit through the awards and the performances before we were finally allowed to dance all of the calories we ate; off. It was a long night even though the whole thing ended at 11.

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