Entry 1

Monday, November 09, 2015

Today I went and got lunch with a friend at this local place, Sweet Spot. I got the Classic Chicken Panini and omg it's so good every time I get it. Nice filler food for when you're just having a quick stop. It's not exactly 'filling' I'm actually still hungry but it was so worth it. The ladies who work there are always so nice and don't rush you with your orders which is nice. I can't normally see the menu so I'm always staring at it forever trying to see. I should probably try something else on the menu next time I go there, but change is so hard when you crave your fav every time!

The lunch was lovely though, I even got a red velvet cupcake to go! 

The one down point of this trip was the fact that they didn't have lemonade as a drink option...They said it was because the drink is seasonal but...I would like to drink lemonade. Oh well I won't dwell on it and just enjoy my yummy cupcake.

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