Entry 2 - Thanksgiving

Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving break was so nice but way too short for me. I feel I wasn't home long at all, I didn't get much done, or enjoy enough TV. I know my parents were excited to see me too, my dad actually smiled when I pulled into the driveway. I missed seeing my mom in her natural setting instead of when she visits me when there are football games. She's rather silly but I enjoy her company most out of anyone so I didn't mind. Seeing her made me want to stay, made me wish I went to school in the city instead of deciding I wanted to get away from her, what was I thinking? 
It's good I only have one semester left. 

We didn't do much for Thanksgiving which I was fine with. We didn't go see any extended family just stayed in - just the 3 of us. The food was so good though! We had turkey, chicken, this potato thing my mom made ( I've never had it before but it tasted so good with the turkey ), mac & cheese, baked beans, biscuits, lots of pie - honestly I think my mom went crazy with the pie options. Still the food was so good I'm pretty sure I managed 6 rounds throughout my stay at home. 
Food at home is so much better than school food. 
My mom is so cute she went out and got me Denny's french toast for breakfast one day and it was such a surprise but she knows the way to my heart. 

For shopping we went out Thursday night. We went to Walmart first which - that was a mistake that place was chaos and so frustrating. I had no idea where the lines started and couldn't find half the things I was looking for since the workers didn't know either. Then they had all of the DVDs over by the milk and you had to wait in this ridiculously long line. We were so annoyed. 
So we went to Target. Target is always a good time and I should've gone there in the first place but I was trying to get some deals. Everything in Target was calm but by the time we made it to the line (which took 45mins to get through) I was so thirsty! But the bae Target had coolers placed in the line filled with drinks for us to take. Always lookin' out. 

It was nice being back home after being away fro 3 months. I felt like crying Saturday night when I realized it was almost time to go, if I wasn't such a bitch I probably would've. But I'm back at school and that means all of those papers, group projects, and last minute assignments need to be done. Then it'll be finals week and then I can go back home, where I belong, in the city. 

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  1. One of the best parts about Thanksgiving break is that Christmas break is not too far away. You'll be home in no time. :]

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