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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

As if my mother believes in wasting a minute in a trip, we spent all of day 2 in Vegas walking around and shopping! It was so hot so I think we spent a lot of time buying water and stopping for breaks. Then I finally convinced my mother to get a much needed cab. 

If I would've planned ahead I would have taken pictures for a mini haul of what I purchased on this day but I didn't think I'd have this blog at the time, next time. I did buy these Quay sunglasses 'About Last Night'. They were $45 which I think is a lot for sunglasses, but omg I'm in love with them and totally understand the need to buy quality sunglasses.

The highlight of this day though was going to see Mariah Carey at Caesar's Palace! I knew I wanted to go see her as soon as her residency was announced - which is the real reason for this Vegas trip. My mom made it happen too and I'm forever grateful that she did and I was able to check another artist off my "People I MUST see live before they stop touring" list.

For this night I went with a coral colored dress from Forever 21 ( similar look here ). I was hesitant to wear this dress at first but it ended up working out for the weather and the occasion. I styled it with these pumps from the Jennifer Lopez line at Kohl's. These shoes, I kid you not, are SO comfortable. (If only I hadn't been walking around all day I probably wouldn't have ended up walking through the hotel barefoot...)

The concert was so amazing, she looked amazing, sounded amazing, I would recommend anyone to go. All of the favs were sung so you know the words and can sing along. The emotional favorites were there too so a few tears were shed. It was intimate and funny at the same time, like when Mariah brought a fan on stage. We got through the 18 songs so fast  I wanted more! 

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  1. Greetings Ms Xoiiee,
    i love ur blog it is very refreshing, i look forward next month. i simply love that your relationship with your mother is a positive one..i mean you actually travel together. Wow! think about it, now a days very few young adults have heathy and positive relationships with adult in their immediate family.. Looking forward to visiting next month.