Sunday, November 08, 2015

This summer I had the blessing of being able to go to Vegas with my mom! I was so excited since the last time I had been to Vegas I was 9 so I couldn’t really do much. Back then Vegas wasn’t geared towards families like it is now. I still need to go again – now that I’m legal, but this trip was so memorable.

This summer was the first time that I had been on a flight in YEARS! I was super nervous and praying through the whole flight…well we had connecting flights so I was praying through both of them. My mom found it funny that I even like sitting on the window seat since I get so nervous. I find the window seats to be the best seats because that’s where the view is! (It only sucks when you have to go to the bathroom.)
I was so ready to arrive though, the flight was long but I couldn’t rest! I finished a whole book during the flight to Vegas but this trip was better than anything in the book.

We landed, claimed our luggage (which was too heavy for us to be carrying) and got to our hotel right away but we didn’t have much time to relax. My mom had our whole trip planned so I rested my feet a bit and changed to get ready for our night tour!

I have to say I really loved my hair during this trip, and the outfit that I wore this night.
The vest ( Target ) , dress ( Target ).
Time for the sightseeing!!

 It was a long tour but I saw a lot and learned a lot about Vegas. This is what’s great about my mom, without her I would have never gone on this tour and seen all of the sights. It was a great night and I couldn’t wait to get in bed after.

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