OOTD: Wednesday // November 11

Thursday, November 12, 2015

It was pretty nice today, but my weather app is the worst so I never trust it and bring some form of extra warm with me anyways. So I wore this turquoise sweater that - darn you can't see it in the picture - has netting like sleeves. I think the sleeves are the best part of this thing, besides the color of course. The sweater is kind of meant to be like a crop top I believe...that or my torso is longer than I thought. 

This is how it looks with my denim shirt over the sweater. I had this really cute necklace on but the thing broke within the first 30 minutes of wearing it. The worse part is that it was my first time wearing the thing. I don't understand how necklaces break, like the falls apart from this ring but when  you try and reconnect it you can't fit the chain through the ring it just came from. 

See this sweater is really cute to me ( and it looked even better with the necklace ). The headband I'm wearing is one of my favorites and I thought it brought more color to my look.

Sweater ( Target )
Denim Shirt ( Target ; similar looks here )
Converse ( Converse
Headband ( Forever21 )
Necklace ( Walmart ; similar look here )
Phone Case ( Otter Box )

Can you tell I love Target yet?

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